Diving School

available for ages over 10 years. It will be possible to obtain an internationally valid PADI diving certification.

Diving Activities

  • Diving: Activity reserved for those who already have a patent and want to dive with us.
  • Rental: It will also be possible to rent complete diving equipment if you do not want to bring your own.
  • Dives: drive to the Tremiti Islands

Canoes and Inflatable boats rental

  • canoe rental: available 2 single-seater canoes and 2 two-seater canoes.
  • inflatable boat rental
  • water games with towables.

Beauty Treatments

  • Physical wellness and body care.
  • Facial Treatments to rebalance the skin;
  • Face Cleaning;
  • Hydration Treatment;
  • Antiage treatment or Hydra Peeling (operator, Inna);
  • Foot care with an Aesthetic or In-depth Pedicure (operator, Inna).


  • Relaxing massages:
  • Relaxing, for physical rebalancing and to combat daily stress;
  • Myofascial, draining and decontracting, muscular and anti-cellulite;
  • Indian, energetic, for rebalancing the Chakras.


  • Rebalancing the mind and body.
  • Plantar Reflexology, the technique that considers the foot, the mirror of the body;
  • Craniosacral, holistic manual technique that allows contact and listening to the energy layers of the body;
  • Reiki, a spiritual practice used to treat physical ailments (operator, Attilio);
  • Pranotherapy, practice that with the simple imposition of hands provides well-being (operator, Attilio).
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